Why I Will Not Seek the Death Penalty as Multnomah District Attorney

As I formally launch my candidacy for Multnomah County District Attorney, I’ve been looking at the issues and responsibilities of the office and thinking about how I can take the best approach to bringing smart, fair justice to all the people of our diverse county.

I’ve listened to experts in law enforcement, addiction treatment and recovery, mental health, harm reduction and victim services. I’ve spoken to crime victims and their families, as well as past offenders. I’ve met with advocates in legal services, housing, health care and education. I’ve sat down with religious, community and labor leaders. I’ve spent hours sharing ideas with elected leaders in Oregon and officials from other countries who pursue alternative approaches to criminal justice. And I’ve heard concerns from our young people — especially people of color — about how their communities and lives are directly impacted every day by the policies we pursue in our criminal justice system.

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